Solution Oriented Development

The right technology choices become easier with skills, experience and extensive collaboration.

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The Pepkor IT culture is built on the pillars of pride, knowledge and respect making our environment one which promotes career longevity and success.


Innovation in technology, development in our staff and passion for the excellent work we do ensure that we deliver on a promise of excellence. Our clients expect a certain level of expertise to which we deliver on every day. We have an unmatched desire for results and dynamic service for our clients.


If we are not questioning everything we do, we are not moving forward and without these inquisitive minds we do not promote growth and attract the level best talent. Which is why we are always searching, questioning and developing staff, our work and our performance.


Without respect, we are nothing. This pillar in an organisation with thousands of stakeholders is the reason we have managed to offer esteemed service in information technology, specifically in the retail sector. An organisation is built on the brilliance of the individual working to create virtuosity.

Through an esteemed number of years of helping the Pepkor group of companies excel in the retail environment, we have managed to gain the kinds of understanding and insights that are envied.

By Focusing On

Stable and cost effective "Run the Business"

Innovation with passion and disciplined execution.

New technology awareness and readiness.

Close partnership with our customers.

Through Leveraging Of

Strategically aligned portfolio of planned projects.

Best practice and unique processes of central IT services.

Uncomplicated and open enterprise architecture.

Healthy and productive workforce.