e-Learning Platform Opportunity


The e-Learning Project entails the design, development and implementation of an e-Training Platform with online and offline capabilities for store operations’ Core Learning Program.

  • The e-Learning Platform will be required to be available at all stores to support the functional training need.
  • The e-Learning Platform will be required to interface with certain business systems in order to bring about workflows which will enable an improved method of communicating and timeous execution of tasks related to different job levels.
  • Make training material available in an electronic form to store staff:
    • PDF Documents
    • Video & Audio
  • Training material must be available in off line mode
  • Training material must be viewable on a mobile device (tablet)
  • There is a set sequence of training
  • There is a set timeframe of training for the initial stages:
    • Example: A cashier must go through the necessary training prior to being allowed to work on a till
  • Gamification is a preference
  • Staff member must be identifiable in order to complete a unique assessment
  • Staff must be able to do assessments in an offline mode
  • Staff detail will be obtained from SAGE
  • Management screen at Head Office

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