Pepkor IT Internship Programme


Pepkor IT has a passion to invest in the future talent of South Africa and the Western Cape. This can only be done by giving people opportunities and developing them.

It is 2017 and the internship programme is in its third year and going strong. It has proven to be a very successful pipeline for our Software Developers.  Not only is it beneficial for Pepkor IT, but for the individuals who are granted these internships. Pepkor IT launched its first ever Internship programme in conjunction with CapaCiti and the Western Cape Government.

Some words directly from our 2016 interns who were all granted permanent positions:

"My experience as intern has been fun. I have learnt a lot of valuable Software Development skills, everyone in the team is willing to help/assist in making sure I deliver according to the requirements - in a nutshell, it has been a great learning curve! "

"It's was a great experience for me because I learned a lot during the internship and it helped me developed as a person. "

"Being an intern at Pepkor IT was an exciting opportunity for me and I am truly grateful."

"I feel like I've grown so much in terms of working with people and understanding the business."

"My six month Journey with Pepkor IT has been very pleasurable and it has been a great honour to represent Pepkor IT. I admire the culture and the people here and will always regard this company as one of the best. In my internship I have received a lot of valuable Information to build myself as a person and further my IT skills and I have lots of great memories here which I shall treasure. I would like to end with a quote "You never lose, you either win or you learn."

"I thoroughly enjoyed my internship with Pepkor IT. It gave me a view of the intricacies of business and allowed me to gain very valuable experience over a short period of time. The people across various teams were very welcoming and helpful. The internship helped bridge that gap between theoretical and practical experience, and I'm extremely happy and grateful that I had that opportunity afforded to me."

Thank you to our partner, Capaciti, for making it possible for us to choose from well-trained individuals. We believe that this programme is here to stay. 

We are proud of our 2016 Interns, Well done!


The 2017 Interns ready for success at Pepkor IT. 


Become a Success

At the backbone of this all sits our people and our culture, an unique environment where people are allowed to grow.