Meals on Wheels Drive


Each year Pepkor IT participates in the Mandela Day initiative. Not only because it is a noble cause but it links into our company DNA. Not so proud that we can’t be thankful for all we have, knowledge that we are privileged, able to help others and respect for those less fortunate.

This year we celebrated International Mandela day by giving back to those in need. Together with the organization Meals on Wheels, we spent our 67 minutes making and packing sandwiches for those less fortunate.

Meals on Wheels For The Aged is a multi-faceted welfare service aimed at helping the elderly of our country to live out their sunset years in dignity and relative comfort. The service includes Old-Age Homes, Frail-Care Centers, Service Centers For Senior Citizens, and the well known Meals on Wheels For The Aged meal delivery service.

We can change the world and make it a better palce. It is in your hands to make a difference – Nelson Mandela