The Evolution of POS


Excellent Point Of Sale (POS) software is mandatory in retail. For this reason, Pepkor IT have to make certain that all transactions run smoothly and that customers know that there is a quick process awaiting them when they are ready to make a purchase.

A POS That Applies to Everyone

Evolving With Our Clients

The EVO software has been in use in all Pep Stores for some time and it was decided that this point of sale system was to be rolled out across the other brands in the group. Considering this software is upgraded four times a year, we make certain that this is functioning at its peak at all times.

Accessible And Agile

To make sure that the operational aspect of applying EVO to other stores was seamless, we made certain that this piece of software was completely customisable to be able to mapped out and used seamlessly. EVO was created to maintain an efficient roll out across every single store with effective database management that could still apply specific business rules that applied to each store, if necessary.

One Solution

Applying EVO to a new store is not just a simple copy and paste as we have to understand the differing needs at each of these stores. When applied, we create a data conversion system that links the current system and translates to EVO, creating a simple effective Point of Sale solution that creates a pleasing purchasing environment.

This first of its kind Point of Sale software developed by the illustrious team at Pepkor IT is currently being used across nearly 1700 Pep stores across the country, improving the lives of our staff as well as that of the consumer, making certain that they spend more time enjoying the stores and less time waiting inconveniently to pay.

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