A Single View of the Customer


Understanding the customer is crucially important to all decision making in the Pepkor group, by doing this, we can then start to get an understanding of the customer across all of the brands and make group wide decisions based on their consumer journey.

Historical Understanding

Who is the Customer

In the past, retail has specifically been a cash business which means that the only relationship that was had with the customer was at the point of sale. Now we can start to understand exactly who our customers are through the decisions that they are making across multiple touch-points in the whole Pepkor group giving added value to the customer through these insights.

One of the greatest challenges that we face in this task is determining exactly who we are dealing with and when.

We receive user interactions across a host of different channels, with each channel using it's own implementation of User authentication and verification. The task of the OneProfile system, is to be able to link up and filter out all of the relevant customer information, regardless of the channel that the customer decides to communicate with us on.

This task is even more difficult than it seems on the surface, as the details that customers use can become invalid over time (prepaid sim cards churn), or even distorted from the get go (families and friends sharing loyalty cards and even ID books). Our job, is to distill this jumbled mass of data into crystal clear insights about who our customers are and what we can do to improve their experience.

Centralised Assets

To gain these insights, it was necessary to start from scratch which meant the all of the assets had to be centralised. This meant that we had to abstract the information that was unique to each retailer, and then create solutions that would provide the kinds of answers for specific strategic business questions.

Using a variety of high-level frameworks for usability, and low-level tools for high efficiency, we are able to aggregate and collate all of the data that we have available to us.

Using the organised data, we can then perform any degree of analysis, from looking at a specific customer’s experience with one of our products, to checking the mean and median values for an entire demographic.

Business Decisions

Thanks to the creation of this technology, we now come very close to knowing exactly who these customers are, this means we can then create unique store offerings based specifically on this intrinsic knowledge captured that will offer a better value for the customer.

With the help of Pepkor IT, the entire business can now make specific business decisions based on the individual consumer across all of the brands. These findings will then help an entire organisation work in perfect synergy to maintain exceptional value to the customer.

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