Techno Byte


Techno Byte is a bi-annual event in which Pepkor IT showcase the latest technology and create the opportunity to innovate.

The Techno Byte Expo held in Cape Town last week, 12 November 2015, was an outstanding success, fuelled by stimulating conversations, learning and networking.
Leading up to the Expo, almost 150 attendees showed up to participate in ‘Store of the Future’ event.

A huge thank you to all the vendors for making the event a true success. Your company’s attendance shows the industry that retail store technology is alive and thriving. Special thank you to the panel discussion members, Monique Webber, Max Stone, Dave Tuckniss, Erwin Rencken, Rean van Niekerk, Francois Liebenberg, Allan Scully.

We appreciate your continued support!

  1. Tactile Technology
  2. Pinnacle Micro
  3. Bytes
  4. POS Connection
  5. Epson
  6. Mustek (PosiFlex)
  7. Psionet
  8. Metacom
  9. Verifone
  10. HP
  11. Zam Group